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YWCA of Korea has served the neighborhood and society with a Christian spirit full of love and respect and a Young spirit full of passion, spiritual awakening and self-examination. Moreover, YWCA of Korea do our best and every effort in brought 'Peace, Justice and Order of Creation' to this society.

The history of YWCA of Korea started in Japanese colonial time which the most suffered period of Korean history. Ironically, the seed of life was planted in the most dark time. Kim Hwal-lan, Kim Pil-lye,and Yoo Kak-kyung the 3 founders brought a ray of light to women in Korea through their sympathy to society and sense of duty. YWCA of Korea maintained and continue the life and hope to women in Korea by working for women's right & welfare, social justice & peace and respect of environment & life for last 90 years.

Today, YWCA of Korea faces the request of the times. In rapidly changed society, 'live as human being' is the main issue. That is the right that every human deserve, YWCA of Korea have to take a careful examination if there is neglected and ignored neighbors around us. I personally pay attention to a right of female worker and improvement of women's welfare. Korea now meets low fertility and elderly society, a demand of a systematization of care-service is needed more than ever. Also, in multi-culture times, it is important to construct the society that married-migrant women and emigrant workers could enjoy their happy and healthy life. Especially for the adolescents, who leads the history in the future, we have to find their potential power and help them to be a healthy grown up who has the sense of justice and peace.

As a president of YWCA of Korea, I would move forward with 52 local YWCAs and keep in mind the past, present and future of Korea and the World, pray for the request of society and generation and do my sincere best to that I could do and I must do.

Through the YWCA's wind of life, I hope the spirit of young passion would spread to you, neighbor and society that YWCA would revive the world.

Thank you.