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YWCA Priority 1. Justice with Care

YWCA of Korea respects the value of care-service. Through the care-service, YWCA provides a fair pay for care-service provider and try to accomplish the just society where no women is discriminated or limited in social-economic field the reason of giving birth or raising her children.

  • Switch to the decent job that guarantee a right of labor
  • Form a righteous and equal relationship between employer and employee
  • Expand a generality in care-service
  • Build a system of generally provided total social welfare service

Runs Women Resources Development Center, Welfare Center, Recuperation Center

YWCA Priority 2. Peace by Share

YWCA of Korea supports North Korean residents and refugees, especially women and children. Through relief of powdered milk for valanced nutrition for infants and medical supplies and try to accomplish the peaceful society where respect the multi-cultural characteristic and build support system that guarantee a security and protection of human right.

  • Mutual support activities by campaign for donation for NK women and children
  • Relief for NK women (Feminine hygiene products)
  • National & international solidarity relating to peace activities
  • Peace education for the children and adolescents.

Runs shelters and counseling center about violence against women, support center for multi-cultural based Korean , center for North Korean refugees (S. Korea residents)

YWCA Priority 3. Youth Leadership development

YWCA of Korea raises young leaders who actively participates civil right movement and women movement with the gender-equality perspective and try to accomplish the society of voluntary social participation of the young and enhancement of citizenship.

  • Citizen education and Human right education programs in school
  • Social participating education, Citizemship education, Humanright education and leadership education for promoting Young women & girls leadership
  • Autonomy group of Y-teem(YWCA members who is middle-high school students) and participating local communities
  • Build social safety system for protection and support for teenagers who suffered