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Subject   the Marching Against the Nuclear Power Plant
Writer    KOREA YWCA
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Dear All in the World YWCA,

THE YWCA OF KOREA had the Marching Against the Nuclear Power Plant today. More than 150-member from all around South Korea joined the No More Nuke Campaign today the 5th of Feb. in Kori Nuclear  Power  Plant  far southern region of South Korea. 

After closing the  2015 Annual  General Council of the YWCA of Korea in Busan, all the presidents and general secretaries from 52 regional YWCA,  including Board members and staffs, moved towards the Plant splitted into 5 big buses. We gathered near the Plant and had the Opening for the Marching after a short prayer meeting.

President of the YWCA of KOREA, Mrs  Cha Gyung Ae demanded that the fragile and dangerous Kori Nuke Plant must stop operating and using, for it had been worn out and out of order frequently since it has been used more than 40 years.
'It is more precious to save and care about people's healthy life, not the economically fast growing.

We, 90 thousands Women, mothers, and girls of the YWCA of KOREA prefer Safe Life to the dangerous and life-threatening Nuke,' continued  President Cha.
After the Opening we started our NO NUKE MARCHING, singing No Nuke song and Praise until we arrived at the  right  in front of the Plant where many policemen awaited. We stood there and read aloud our proclamation on the NO NUKE MARCHING and prayed for the integrity of God's Creation in one heart.

It was a peaceful marching and at the same time very powerful to awaken the blind mind of people's, leaders and scholars  relating to  the nuclear and the dangers of the NUKE.  Above all The YWCA of KOREA has already received  100 thousands signatures who admit the Stop the Kori Nuclear Power Plant and handed to the Governor of the Busan, near Kori, in South Korea. And as I attached, many media are reporting this news up until now.

---'Report by Young Hee Won, Board Member of the WORLDYWCA from  Kori, near Busan, South Korea




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