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Subject   In Solidarity and Prayers for YWCA of France
Writer    KOREA YWCA
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DATE: Nov16, 2015

Dear President and members of the YWCA of France,


Greetings from YWCA of Korea!


The YWCA of Korea stands in solidarity and supports with our sisters in France.


We do not know how to express our sorrow and grief to the heart-breaking terror attacks against innocent people in Paris and extend our deep concerns and condolences to the people of France and sisters of the YWCA of France. We hold the YWCA of France deep within our hearts, thoughts and prayers.


Over the last few years, terror attacks, perpetrated in the name of religion, have resulted in the deaths and displacement of thousands. The violence and fear perpetrated by terrorism is serious concern. The most worrying part is the focus terrorists have placed on making youth the perpetrators and victimizing innocent people.


We believe that the YWCAs have advocated and worked together for peace in solidarity through the practice of the love of Jesus Christ. We feel your grief and we hope that the people of France and sisters never lose heart. We will support that the YWCA of France is challenged to work for peace and to play a pivotal role in sorrow’s place.


We will remember and pray for the people of France and the YWCA sisters in France.


Sincerely yours,


Ms. Cha Kyeong Ae                                   Ms. Sung Hee Yoo

President                                                    General Secretary

National YWCA of Korea                               National YWCA of Korea




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